Juice 4 Life Plans

Juice 4 Life’s plans and juices are specifically designed to enhance and improve your body’s natural balance ensuring you get all the nutrients and vitamins your body could ever need to promote wellbeing.

All of our juices are prepared daily utilising fresh local produce, supporting Genuine Jersey (where possible) and delivered to your door, whether to your home or your workplace.

The juices and programmes re-balance and cleanse the body, which in turn helps rid it of cravings. Juice 4 Life can help you by providing juices which will support your metabolism, which promotes weight loss, makes you feel healthier, fitter and revitalised.

Our freshly made juices coupled with the specific programmes are guaranteed to get results, with a great range to choose from it is easy to fit these into your everyday life. Choose from a one day detox after that heavy night out of eating & drinking, a 3 day programme to cleanse the body, to a full 5 day programme to kick-start your weight loss and enhance your life.

Juice 4 life’s trained staff are here to advise and support you through our different programmes into our 4th one for ongoing healthy living, whereby you have the choice of 3 juices during the day with a health evening meal.

Check out our store for online ordering or contact us should you require any additional information or have any questions.